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  • Patent-pending 3-way adjustable pipe insulation

  • For Plumbing in Industrial, Commercial and Residential Use

  • Made of Closed-Cell Flexible Polyolefin

  • Available in ½” and 3/8” wall thicknesses

  • Fits copper pipes in 1”, ¾” and ½”

  • Lap-seal closure

  • Adjustable design allows for SKU reduction

  • Cost Effective & Completely Recyclable

  • Good Tear Resistance, Elongation, and Tensile Strength

  • Flexible Year-Round Pipe Protection from Freezing and Condensation

  • Fiber-Free, Non-Porous & Resistant to Mold Growth

  • Very Low Water Vapor Permeability - No Additional Vapor Barriers Required

  • Manufactured without CFCS, HCFCS, HFCS, PBDEs, and Formaldehyde

For HVAC and Plumbing, Industrial,
Commercial and Residential Use



InnoFit™ by PTI is the latest innovation in our technical foam portfolio and features the same engineered foam as InnoFoam™.


This patent-pending 3-way adjustable pipe insulation is designed for plumbing in industrial, commercial, and residential use.

Made of closed-cell polyolefin foam, InnoFit's tear-away design and lap-seal closure adjusts to fit copper pipes in 1”, ¾”, and ½” sizes and is available in ½” and 3/8".


InnoFit’s closed-cell structure produces exceptional thermal properties that protect against moisture penetration in applications within a -200°F to +200°F temperature range.


With year-round protection and flexibility, InnoFoam is the perfect choice for a wide variety of environments and applications. InnoFoam comes standard in 6’ lengths, but is also available in continuous lengths and a range of wall thicknesses from 3/8″ to 1.5”.

InnoFoam is manufactured without CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs, PBDEs, and Formaldehyde and is fiber-free, non-porous, and resistant to mold, fungal, and bacterial growth and carries a 25/50 flame/smoke ASTM E-84 rating.


Patent pending.

For more information, please consult the technical data sheet.

Temperature Ranges

Minimum | Maximum Use  
-200° F (-129° C) to +200° F (93° C)


1.0 to 1.5 PCF Nominal

Flame |Smoke

Less than 25/50 (ASTM E-84) Passes MVSS302

Thermal Stability

Less than 3% Linear shrinkage

Technical Foams Available Features

  • Custom Coating

  • Custom ID's

  • Custom Shapes

  • Flame Retardant

  • Higher Temperatures

  • High Quality

  • Increased Elongation

  • Increased Tensile Strength

  • Recyclable

  • UV Inhibitors

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