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Your product needs to arrive in the same condition you shipped it – your reputation depends on it!  Let us help you reduce the costs associated with damage to PTI’s InnoFoam packaging profiles.  Suitable for various packaging and industrial applications, our profiles protect against scratches, dents, vibration, shock, and breakage. 


Our products are superior to corrugated and molded styrene alternatives and are all Made in the USA. From protective profiles for furnishings, bath fixtures, windows, and automotive items to custom-engineered rounds, corners, and tubes, we've got you covered.  With over 4 decades of experience in packaging, PTI offers the assurance you need that your products stay supported during shipping and storage.



Corner Protection

To prevent cracking and chipping of corners during shipping and handling, flexible corner protectors fold over the corners of windows, doors, furniture, and other square or rectangular objects. PTI’s range of corner profiles is versatile enough to protect almost any corner from costly damage.



U-channel edge protectors slide over glass panels, insulated glass, furniture edges, and other surfaces to cushion and protect against scratching, chipping, and cracking.



Protect your products and components from damage, chips, scratches, and scrapes with L-Shape corner protectors by PTI. Just put them around the corners and edges that you want to protect, then place your item in the bag or box. L-Shaped protectors are ideal for shielding frames, mirrors, glass, doors, furniture, and more.

Solid Rounds

PTI rounds are available in various lengths and diameters for a variety of applications.



PTI offers a wide array of tubing products for your packaging needs. Protective tubing offers a simple but effective solution for edge or surface protection.


Expandable Locking Corner

Protect your products and components from damage, chips, scratches, and scrapes with expandable locking corner protectors by PTI. These corners offer versatility for a wide range of edge thicknesses.  Can be used on a corner or straightedge for protection


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